Meet Joanna

"Make today amazing."
-Joanna Pope


Joanna Pope  
Senior Support Specialist

I’ve been working with a member of the Eisner family since 1968.  My first job out of high school was working for Fred Eisner, and I’ve been with the family’s business ever since.

Most clients know me so well – and have known me for so long – that they call me by my nickname, JoJo.

I love the family. It’s a pleasure working for them.

I’ve stayed so long because I believe in excellent customer service and have built strong personal relationships with our clients over the years. We often exchange pictures of kids and grandkids, and talk about gardening and the joys of holidays spent with family.

There’s a lot of personal touch in what I do. Whatever a client requires, they know they can call and get assistance.

I’m a lifelong Clevelander. I was born in a big Cleveland snowstorm in 1950. I was married for 29 years and am now widowed with two grown children and five grandchildren.