New Brand: Same Promise and Commitment

New Brand: Same Promise and Commitment
Eisner Gohn Group “Hatches” New Brand & Web site


Beachwood, Ohio: The Eisner Gohn Group LLC. is proud to present its new brand, centered on our acronym “EGG” and the slogan, Life Assurance Begins Here ®.

For us, EGG is more than the acronym for the name of our practice.  An EGG represents a place where life begins. It also represents the fragility and strength of a well-designed plan.

Although an eggshell is incredibly fragile, the shape of an egg distributes weight evenly, minimizing stress and strain, and creating an incredibly strong protective dome. In fact, in architecture the dome is one of the strongest designs possible. As the weight of the roof is distributed evenly so that no single point supports the whole load and gives way under stress.

This is not meant to be a science lesson, but a simple reminder to us, and a memorable image for clients, of our promise to support our clients and help them see the big picture. It’s also a commitment to anticipate and manage stress, in efforts to protect all that they love. Love and protection is at the beginning and end of everything we do.

For the Eisner Gohn Group, it’s as close to perfect a description of the value we want to continue to bring to the clients we serve.

We’re proud of our new brand, EGG: Life Assurance begins here ® and our new website:

About the Eisner Gohn Group:  It is our goal to build long-term relationships with our clients by offering a full range of services. We achieve this goal by working holistically with our clients. Our holistic approach addresses our clients Insurance, Estate Planning, Tax and Financial Services needs. It is our belief that partnering with best of breed Accountants, Estate Planning Attorneys and fee based RIA’s we can deliver the highest level of service to our clients while we remain focused on our core business; insurance.